Do All Motherboards Have Wi-Fi? Find The Best Motherboards With Wi-Fi

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text woodmart_inline=”no” text_larger=”no”]The motherboard is a brilliant piece of innovation. Everything we are able to do on a computer today is thanks to this neat little part. And, just like its name suggests, it is the “mother” of computers or the brain behind all the magic you see on the front-end.

Another invention that we cannot live without today is the Internet. Back in the day, we had only wired connections but Wi-Fi has made things so much easier today. Without the Internet, most work would not progress and time would come to a standstill for many of us. 

Thus, the question arises – can we combine these two super inventions? Do motherboards come with in-built Wi-Fi? This is the aspect we will address in our article today.

Do All Motherboards Have Wi-Fi?

The short answer is no. (We are sorry!) Motherboards come with numerous parts, connections, and features but Wi-Fi is not one of them by default. If you look for a motherboard for your computer, you can be almost sure that it won’t have in-built Wi-Fi. You will need to get a separate card for it. Laptop motherboards, on the other hand, usually have Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth. 

We have good news too, by the way. Even though the default is the absence of Wi-Fi, you can always ask for it to be installed with on-board Wi-Fi. This particular feature is hand-wired for you. This is usually only possible on high-end motherboards, though. Budget options will not have this option.

While you can always go the conventional way and use Ethernet for your desktop, we advise you to spend the extra bucks to get built-in Wi-Fi. The reason lies in its advantages:

  • Wi-Fi is fast and convenient
  • You can directly access networks without having to use the wire every time
  • You won’t have to bother about clutter and unnecessary wires
  • Wi-Fi makes your entire system more portable

The only disadvantage we can think of here is that once you get on-board Wi-Fi, you cannot upgrade it. You will have to use the same version as long as you use the motherboard itself. 

Motherboards with Wi-Fi – Buying Guide

Best Motherboards with Wi-Fi

To be able to buy the best motherboard with Wi-Fi, there are certain criteria that you should look at. The most important ones are mentioned below:

  • Type of Wi-Fi: Just like everything else, there are upgrades in Wi-Fi. We have Wi-Fi 5 and Wi-Fi 6 at the moment, which you can choose from. Wi-Fi 6 is, of course, the latest. 
  • The socket: Even though you want Wi-Fi on your motherboard, you shouldn’t forget the other important things such as compatibility with the computer you have or wish to buy.
  • The chipset: There are multiple chipset models that you can pick out in AMD and Intel. Check out a few and compare them based on the supported features. Starting with the latest ones is a good idea.

Best Motherboards with Wi-Fi – Expert’s Picks

It’s time to reveal our favorites! Below are the motherboards we love.

1. MSI MPG Z490 Gaming Edge Motherboard

MSI MPG Z490This MSI motherboard is a high-performing product made for Intel Core (10th gen). It is compatible with Intel Celeron and Intel Pentium Gold, and comes with the following features:

  1. It has in-built Wi-Fi 6. 
  2. Its RAM size is 128 GB. It supports dual-channel memory (DDR4).
  3. The motherboard’s memory speed is 4800 MHz.
  4. You will get a total of 4 memory slots on this motherboard.
  5. It comes with pre-installed I/O shielding that works to protect it from electrostatic discharge.
  6. The lightning USB 20G provides unbeatable speeds of up to 20 Gb/s when you use the rear USB-C port.
  7. It also has 2.5G LAN that you can use along with Wi-Fi.
  8. It has 2 M.2 SSD slots.


One of the best on the market in terms of performance

Overclocks very smoothly[/i2pros]


Not compatible with earlier generations of Intel[/i2cons][/i2pc]


2. Gigabyte Z390 AORUS Elite 

Gigabyte Z390Gigabyte AORUS Elite is another good option to consider if you don’t mind the price. It has been engineered for 8th Gen Intel Core processors and works like a charm. Below are some of its features:

  1. You can use it with 9th Gen processors as well.
  2. It supports dual-channel DDR4 (non-buffered) memory and comes with 4 DIMMs.
  3. The motherboard is Intel Optane memory-ready.
  4. This is a complete digital VRM solution with 12+1 phases.
  5. The design of the motherboard is quite good as it caters to the thermal requirements. It has screw-mounted heatsinks.
  6. Its memory storage capacity is 1000 TB. 
  7. It has 4 memory slots.
  8. The gaming motherboard also has RGB fusion with multi-zone show design.
  9. It has hybrid fan headers (smart fan 5).


Excellent performance

Does not overheat[/i2pros]


Only for 8th and 9th generation Intel core[/i2cons][/i2pc]


3 ASUS M4 TUF Gaming Motherboard

ASUS AM4ASUS is quite a common and reliable name in the computer world. Its products tend to be trustworthy and long-lasting at a fair price. You will find that this motherboard fits the criteria as well. Below are a few important details:

  1. This one is for those who have an AMD processor. It is compatible with AMD 2nd and 3rd Gen Ryzen only because it has the AMD AM4 socket.
  2. Its memory storage capacity is 128 GB and its memory speed is 4400 MHz.
  3. The motherboard has been engineered using military-grade TUF components in order to ensure power efficiency and durability. It also has a ProCool socket.
  4. It has Fan Xpert, M.2, VRM, and active PCH heatsinks for adequate cooling and no overheating.
  5. Connectivity options include USB 3.2 type A & type C and dual PCIe 4.0.
  6. The motherboard comes with a gigabit Ethernet port, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.
  7. It also has the TUF LANGuard technology.


PCIe 4.0 support

Excellent cooling capability

Performs very well[/i2pros]


Not for Intel or 1st Gen AMD[/i2cons][/i2pc]


4. ASUS ROG Maximus XII Formula Z490

ASUS ROGHere’s another motherboard from ASUS. The ASUS ROG Maximus Z490 is considered high-end because it comes with most modern features. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

  1. It has the Intel LGA 1200 socket and is compatible with 10th Gen Intel Core processors.
  2. Its maximum memory storage capacity is 128 GB. It has DDR4 memory with 4 DIMMs.
  3. It has Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1.
  4. The motherboard has 16 infineon power stages, each of which can handle 70 amps. This shows just how powerful it is.
  5. It has a hybrid cooling system with extra-large heatsinks.
  6. Along with Wi-Fi 6, it also has dual Ethernet with LANGuard technology, which makes it perfect for gaming.
  7. The icing on the cake is the gaming audio the motherboard brings with it. It has Sonic Studio III and DTS Sound Unbound. 
  8. Moreover, you get to personalize your computer based on your interests thanks to its Aura-Sync RGB lighting and LiveDash OLED.


Excellent aesthetics

Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1

Very good cooling system[/i2pros]




5. MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Edge

MSI MPG Z390This motherboard from MSI is for the 9th Gen Intel Core processors. It is also compatible with a few 8th Gen models with the LGA 1151 socket. We have explained a few of its features here:

  1. It has dual-channel memory (DDR4) with DIMM slots. 
  2. It supports Windows 10 64-bit.
  3. The motherboard has a maximum memory of 64 GB and is Intel Optane Memory-ready.
  4. It has excellent connectivity options with USB 3.1 and USB 2.0 ports.
  5. You can personalize it wonderfully thanks to its 29 effects and 16.8 million colors.
  6. The motherboard also has an extended heatsink.


Dual-band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Good for overclocking[/i2pros]


Slightly expensive[/i2cons][/i2pc]


People also ask(FAQs)

To round off, let’s take a look at some of the FAQs on this topic.

How Much Faster is Wi-Fi 6?

Wi-Fi 6 is the fastest option at the moment at 9.6 Gbps. It is about 3 times faster than Wi-Fi 5, which is only capable of 3.5 Gbps.

Is a Motherboard With Wi-Fi Worth It?

It depends on your needs. If using Ethernet is a problem, you should definitely choose a motherboard with Wi-Fi. These days, the price difference is not much.

Is it Worth Getting Wi-Fi 6?

When you see how much faster it is than Wi-Fi 5, you will want to get Wi-Fi 6 for sure. However, in most cases, Wi-Fi 5 is more than enough, especially for regular surfing and work.

What Does a Motherboard With Wi-Fi Mean?

It means that you won’t need extra cards or hardware to enable Wi-Fi on your computer. 

How do I Know if my Motherboard Has Wi-Fi?

If you look at the back IO panel, you will be able to see if your motherboard has Wi-Fi. You can also look at the antenna connectors.


We hope you now have end-to-end information about motherboards with Wi-Fi. If you need more help or have questions, please take to us. We are always available to help.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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