How to Auto Insert Timestamp in Google Sheet

Google sheet is one of my favorite Google App and I use it . Today I came across a video on "How to add a Timestamp in Google Docs". It shows how to ...

Ctrl+Tab Firefox Hack for Better Tab Switching

Just like in Windows you can switch between Apps/Windows using ALT+TAB, you also switch between Tab in Firefox using Ctrl+Tab. The default setting of ...

Top 3 Tools for Creating Whiteboard/Sketch Animation Videos

What is Video Scribing? Scribes or scribed videos, whiteboard animations, also called sketch videos, show images drawn onto a whiteboard in real ...

How to Disable “Last Seen” Feature in WhatsApp

In India and in many other countries WhatsApp had become the default message app.  Almost everyone who I know, who owns a smartphone uses WhatsApp ...

How to Delete Website Property or View from Google Analytics

Google Analytics is coming up with lots of cool features very frequently. Thus the usage and work flow changes frequently too. Recently website ...

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