Top 4 Reasons to Use Arduino Controller Board


Arduino is an excellent, open source component method of development and perfect when developing sensory or physical input / output devices. When you require a basic switch or controller to perform a task and create an interactive object, there are very few free options better.

For anyone to get started in this tried and true technology, Arduino starter kits can be a great way to begin. Using one of these starter kits, you can easily and quickly learn how to assemble almost any electrical device or microcontroller.

Finding the best Arduino starter kit can be difficult, depending on what you are looking for. Many of these do it yourself inventor kits come with a variety of options, so make sure to do your shopping before you make your choice.

1. Cost of modules

Arduino controllers are great for students and teachers alike because of the low cost associated with the assembly of Arduino boards. Many working examples can be built for well under $100 dollars and work as well if not better than more expensive modules.

Many barebones Arduino starter kits can come with just a few components, allowing you to get one simple task done. For the beginner, this kind of kit can be the best Arduino starter kit to begin their inventing journey.

2. Flexible

Capable of running on multiple platforms from Mac OSX to Linux, Arduino frees you from the constraints and resource heavy nature of the Windows operating platform. Open source tools give you instant flexibility out of the box, allowing you to develop your module from many different angles.

You can also use a variety of add-ons available in some of the kits on the market. Solar panels or extended power options can put one brand over the next, especially when you are looking for the best Arduino starter kit for your dollar.

3. Ease of Use

Arduino is also inherently easier to use and provides a better method of microprocessor control over traditional platforms. Built on the Processing multimedia programming environment known as Wiring, you can also utilize your Arduino controller to work in conjunction with your computer, enhancing any number of assembly programs such as Flash or MaxMSP.

4. Open Source

The nature of Arduino controllers makes it easy to extend your ability to develop and build. Utilizing the vast array of open source tools developed by some of the most experienced programmers in the world, there’s no project out of reach.

Many open source tools will also allow you to expand your programming verbiage by using C++ libraries. Proficient Arduino users often make the leap to AVR C programming language, giving true weight to the claim of Arduino as the gateway into programming.

The benefits to be realized from open source also extend into hardware, and there’s little doubt to the power of this ability. Based on the Atmel microcontroller, the support and growth behind Arduino is stronger than ever.

In fact, there are plans to publish the Arduino module under the Creative Commons license with intention of allowing people to build upon the existing infrastructure. This presents an exciting opportunity for many experienced circuit designers to take Arduino and run with it, making their own versions of this incredible Open Source development platform.


I hope you liked my top 4 reasons to use Arduino Controller board. I know there many more advantages in using Arduino and I will share all of them in another article coming soon. Please let me know what you think in the comment.

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Azad Shaikh

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