How to Unjam a Printer – Solve Paper Jam

It is very irritating if in the mid of the work your paper gets stuck in the printer while you are printing the important documents. Be calm and relaxed! The jamming of papers in the printer is quite a common problem that can be solved if you follow some basic steps patiently.

How to Unjam a Printer

Here in this article, you will get to know how to unjam a printer so that you can carry out your printing task smoothly. Let’s discuss how to deal with the issues of printer jams.

  • Loading tray- First of all switch off your printer and then check your loading tray. If you find any paper is fixed in the tray, then remove it. Make sure you take out all the loose papers from the tray one by one separately. Start this process from the middle of the machine. Make sure you don’t leave any bits of paper.

Step 1 Tray

  • Printer’s rear part- The rear door is present at the back of the printer from where you can take away the papers. You can take help of back section in case you cannot get into the touch of the loading tray. On the panel, you will find the access tab which you have to turn it into the unlock position. Clear the issue of blocked papers by removing the panel. No small bits of paper should be left over there. Then you can change and lock the rear panel. In case you have two-sided printing accessory in the place of rear access door then on both the side of module concurrently press the RELEASE buttons and then remove it. From the printer take out the blocked sheets of paper. Be sure that you don’t leave any scraps of paper. Now give way to the module to its place by pushing it back into the printer. Make certain that printer carriage can easily move after you remove the paper blockage. In case you still face the issue of paper jam then you can open the door by pressing the button present on the top of the module. Then take out the jammed paper by removing the panel. Finally, the rear module door must be closed after taking away the small bits of paper if you find any of them. If your problem is still not solved, then you can move forward for next option.

back cover

  • Front Cover- This the last step which you can choose only when the steps mentioned above are unable to solve your problem of printer paper jam. Ensure that you cautiously and gently take out the paper from under the front cover.

Cover Open

  • Free movement of the print carriage- Be particular that you allow free movement of the print carriage. Disconnect the power of the printer by removing the power cord from the electrical outlet. Now observe the carriage to make out that it moves freely to right side of the printer and out of the view. In case if it is stuck then do not force the printer otherwise it will cause harm to your printer.

Free movement of the print carriage

  • Examine the printer- If you get rid of the issue of paper jamming then move forward for printer assessing. First, you take away the ink cartridge. Then if you find any paper in the loading tray then get it removed without removing the drawer. Take out the rear access door or module. For three full rotations, you rotate the rollers in the upward direction with the help of your fingers. Change the module or rear access door and then after the ink cartridges should be replaced. Now plug your printer back to the power cord and then turn it on.

Examine the printer

  • Refill and check the printer- To make sure that your printer is running properly you must reload and check it in the end. After removing the paper jam, you can make use of plain inkjet paper for reloading the printer. Move forward for self-test. Until your machine starts printing you have to press and hold the Resume button.

Refill and check the printer

Final Verdict

Many types of printers are available on the market which serves various purposes like large format printers for the commercial artist, cardstock printers, inkjet printers and much more. Your work is halted if you face paper jam issue. You can take help of the multifunctional & best scanners for artwork and then get a print from that to put your selfmade ideas on the global platform.

After going through this post, your problem of printer jams will be solved, and you can properly carry your work. In case your paper jam issue continues after following the guidelines mentioned in this post then possibly there must be some printer hardware problem.

Azad Shaikh

Azad Shaikh

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