How to Convert MP3 Ringtones for iPhone

What is the first thing we do with a mobile phone? Of course: customize. Putting our own wallpaper, perhaps a theme, own ringtone. iTunes can create custom ringtones from songs, but one have to pay for the song and also have to pay for the tone. But do not worry. Here we show you how to turn any MP3 into a ringtone for iPhone with iTunes.

Step: 1

Open iTunes and select your library you want to use the song as a ringtone. The iPhone supports ringtones than 30 seconds, so you have to trim a little song (the piece that you like) for use as a ringtone. Do not worry, this change does not affect the original file (at its reference in the iTunes library) and can be undone at any time. Right-click on the selected song, choose “Get Info” from the shortcut menu and go to the Options tab. Enter the start time and end of the tone and click OK.


Step: 2

Now go back to the bookstore, right-click the selected file again and choose “Convert Selection to AAC.” You’ll see below it is a file with the same name you have selected and the duration that you have established.


Step: 3

Now go to your iTunes Music folder (usually C: \ Documents and Settings \ Yourusername \ My Documents \ My Music \ iTunes \ iTunes Music) and locate the file you just converted, which is probably in a folder named the artist or album. The file has the extension m4a.


Step: 4

Change the file extension to m4r, and automatically become an iPhone ringtone that you can import directly to iTunes with just a double click. You will see that he alone in the Ringtones section of iTunes, and you can pass it to the iPhone without problems the next time you sync.

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Azad Shaikh

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