How to Check if SLI is Working? Enable it Now!


SLI is a graphic technology introduced by NVIDIA Corporation. Although, it being a newer technology, operating it is pretty simple than one can imagine. All thanks to the control system which can be used to make changes in the SLI installation and check if it’s working. You can do this easily in the Windows Operating system with a few simple steps. 

Follow the steps given below to enable SLI in windows 10.

How to Enable SLI?

Step 1:

Right-click on your desktop screen and select the NVIDIA Control Panel option. Navigate to the 3D Settings section of the screen in the panel.

Step 2:

Click on Set SLI and PhysX configuration which is located in the Task menu on the left side of the screen.

Step 3:

Choose the Show SLI Visual Indicator and make sure it’s enabled. If not, you must mark it and click on Apply and follow the further instructions on the screen.

Step 4:

Click on Adjust image settings in preview. Ensure that Use the advanced 3D image settings is marked. Now, click on Apply.

Step 5:

Click on Manage 3D Settings in the left side task menu.

Step 6:

Check for an option called SLI Performance Mode on the right side and set it to NVIDIA recommended.

Step 7:

Once you have enabled the SLI and adjusted other image settings in the 3D Settings section, you should close the NVIDIA Control Panel

Now start the 3D application or game and check if the enabled SLI is functioning properly. Wondering how to check if SLI is working? We have included a few points to be checked to ensure that the SLI you had enabled in the settings is working and the same is reflected on the game screen.

How to Check if SLI is Working?

After following the above steps check for a few signs on the game screen to ensure SLI is enabled.

  1. Look for a vertical green bar with the text SLI on the left side of the game screen which indicates that the SLI AFR rendering is enabled and functioning properly.
  2. If the SLI antialiasing is enabled you should be able to view the antialiasing level with the text SLI on the game screen.
  3. When watching the game in full display, you can see a green square on the focus screen which means that the mode is working.

However, if none of the above scenarios is observed, it can be due to SLI mode not enabled or working properly. In such cases, you might want to ensure that the SLI is enabled by following steps 1 through 3 on How to enable SLI in BIOS. If your SLI bridge is faulty, then it will be unable to initialize and you won’t be able to view any SLI information on the right-side pane. This is likely due to the issue of the secondary video card not properly identified by the NVIDIA Control Panel.


I hope this article has helped you with the steps needed to ensure that SLI is enabled and working and other ways in which it can be checked. Follow the simple steps above to verify if the SLI is enabled and if not then the steps can be used to make required changes.

Azad Shaikh

Azad Shaikh

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