How to Access Blocked and Torrents Sites in India – Latest Tricks

For downloading any new movies either from Bollywood or Hollywood, the users have always made their first choice to Torrentz. It is the most popular website to download movies torrents from trusted websites like the Pirate Bay, Putlocker, in India and many other countries. Today, I will explain how to access blocked sites in India and other countries.

What is the need of this guide?

As per the survey, above 900 sites have been blocked by Government of India till 2016.  And this includes some of the most visited sites like Torrentz, KickAss Torrents, The Pirate Bay, Putlocker, TorrentHound, extratorrents, etc.

In recent times many Governments have taken action and notices the ISPs (Internet Service Provider) to block some or all of such torrent websites. The exact reason is not known but the most appropriate assumption is to make the kids and young children stay away from adult contents. It also helped the companies, schools, and colleges to prevent their employees and students not to access Government blocked sites and to make them concentrate on their work & studies.

If you are leaving a country like India where such torrent websites are banned, and you still wish to access them, then don’t worry. There are specific ways to do this. I prepared this guide to help and let you open extratorrents, in India and other regions where it is banned.

How to Open Blocked Websites in India

I will quickly show the top tricks to access blocked torrent sites in India. Let’s have a look at them below.

Method-1: Use VPN Service

VPN (Virtual Private Network) provider allows you to virtually access the IP address of any location mentioned in its list. That means even if you are using the internet from India, you can virtually access the location of any other country or region that is listed. Not only this, the VPN provider allows you to have a secure and reliable connection so that the Government sites or even sometimes your ISP cannot track your original IP location during that time.

Benefits of using a VPN service to access blocked sites in India:

  1. When you take help of any VPN software, your connection gets encrypted, and you can access any server of that company across the world.
  2. You can also use anonymous mode which helps you to hide your private details in more a reliable way.
  3. VPN service provides encrypted, reliable, secure, and favorite location anytime, anywhere on the compatible device.
  4. You can access all the Government blocked sites and can open Extratorrents in India using VPN.
  5. The Internet Service Provider cannot track the traffic from your system on which you are using the VPN service.

Though almost all the VPN service providers give free plans to their users, it is advisable to go for premium plans. Such plans are affordable and can be getting at very minimal yearly or monthly rates.

Method-2: Use Web Proxy to Access Blocked Torrent Sites in India

Proxy is also another way to open blocked sites in India. Another name of Web proxy is a ‘Proxy Server’ that allows you to access banned websites by using a virtual remote location. You can stream videos on blocked sites, download torrents, and can access the website that is banned in your country.

But this is not a recommended way to use for accessing the banned websites, especially for those blocked by the Government as the web proxy does not guarantee the privacy of the user. Also, such proxies are slow and cannot give reliable connection and speed to stream HD quality videos. So, it is better to use VPN service or other reliable resources to access Government blocked sites.

Method-3: Access the IP of the website

There may be some cases where even if the Government or ISP has blocked a particular webpage, its IP address is still accessible. Try to find the IP address of the torrent or any other site you want to access and see if you can open it from your web browser.

Method-4: Use HTTPS to open extratorrents in India

Sometimes, simply changing the security level of the website can help to access a banned site. For example, the Government of India has banned ‘the pirate bay’ extratorrents site. And so by following the order, many ISPs have blocked website location. If your ISP has forgotten to change all the relevant URLs of such site, then you can try using the higher security level of HTTPS to see if it is opening on your system or not. Try typing in your browser and check whether it is opening or not. You can also use different URL versions like without using ‘WWW,’ typing ‘.com’ instead of ‘’, etc.

Note: This method sometimes works, not always and not for all banned websites.

Method-5: Take help of Smart DNS service

You can also use some smart DNS services to access banned websites in India. But before that make sure the site you want to open is mentioned in the list of that particular smart DNS product. As not all the smart DNS services allow to open all the blocked websites and Torrents in India.

How to access blocked sites in India – Your Trick

If you know any other quick and reliable method to access blocked website in India, then do share it in the comment section below.

I am not against the ban of such websites and not by any means recommend to violent Government rules. But having knowledge of such technical things and using them for some useful work is a different thing.

Azad Shaikh

Azad Shaikh

Azad Shaikh is an internet geek at heart. From reviews about computer components to playing X-box one games, Azad takes pleasure in writing about anything and everything about computers. He is a computer engineering graduate and certified ethical hacker. In his leisure time, he reads and explores the internet.

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