Best Ethernet Cable for Xbox One Reviews of 2021

For an uninterrupted, high-speed, and top-quality internet connection, the cable network is more reliable than the Wireless network, in almost all cases. And to have such a powerful cable connection, especially when you need it for playing online games, the best Ethernet cable is a must thing to have. Here I am going to review some of the most sought Ethernet cables for gaming on the consoles like Xbox One, PS4, etc.

Why should you get the fastest Ethernet cable for Xbox One or PS4?

If you are getting a wired web connection for playing online or high-graphics games like shooting, racing, zombie games, etc., then every split second matters. If you get any lag during a time, then you may miss hitting the target, or even your game can be over! So, for any wired cable network, it is essential to get the top Ethernet cable which provides a lag-free gaming experience and let you enjoy the whole bandwidth of your internet connection.

Ethernet Cable for Xbox One Gaming

1) Mediabridge Ethernet Cable Computer Networking Cord

Mediabridge Ethernet CableIn the category of Cat-5e Ethernet cables, this Mediabridge Ethernet cable is the top-selling product. It supports all the standards of Cat-5, Cat-5e, and Cat-6 applications. Due to such a wide compatibility span, it can deliver from 100Mbps to 10Gbps speed over your router.

Features of Mediabridge Ethernet Cable for Xbox One are:

  • The 50 feet size is enough for almost all household and small office needs
  • Due to the support of the TIA/EIA 568B.2 performance standard, it can provide almost ten times faster speed compared to the other standard network patch cable in the category
  • HD video playing, online gaming, cloud computing, or any other top-level application you want to access, you will get a superior speed with a bandwidth up to 550 MHz
  • The gold plated contact pins with RJ45 connectors fits comfortably in the ports of Cat-5 and Cat-6 applications
  • The free cable strap from Velcro helps to store it conveniently
  • Apart from Xbox and Play Station gaming devices, it is compatible with RJ45 supported routers, switches, PCs, laptops, and other network devices

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2) Cable Matters Cat6 Snagless Ethernet Patch Cable (Pack of 5)

Cable MattersThis is a top-performing Cat6 Snagless network cable from Cable Matters. It comes in a pack of five different colored Ethernets including Red, Blue, Black, Green, and White. Even though it provides all the features of a Category 6 cable, it is available at a price of Cat-5e Ethernet. This Ethernet patch cable also is known as Cat6 cable, Cat6 Ethernet, or Cat6 network cable.

Features of Cable Matters Cat6 Snagless Ethernet Cable for Gaming are:

  • This 24AWG network cable from the top-brand in the market provides compatibility to all the networking devices with the facility of RJ45 ports
  • As it is Snagless, it has more durability and corrosion resistivity
  • Gold-plated connectors at both ends with RJ45 pins make sure you have a secure and clear connection every time you log into your network
  • It is compatible with the high network standards and so easily provides speeds of 10Gigabytes on any compatible device
  • This Cat6 cable offers superior transfer rates with up to 550Mhz bandwidth
  • 14 feet length is ideal for any short or mid-range network connections
  • It has a flexible and slim design which helps you to store it conveniently as well as fit it at any tight place or corner in your home & office
  • Any of your demand like Xbox game playing, video surveillance, web server programs, HD video streaming, or any other online use will be fulfilled satisfactorily if you use this Ethernet patch cable

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3) Tera Grand – CAT7 Ethernet Ultra Flat Patch Cable

Tera Grand - CAT7 EthernetThis flexible and slim Cat7 type of Ethernet cable from Tera Grand is perfect for the gaming consoles like Xbox One, PlayStation, and other compatible devices. Due to its slim design (0.1-inch thick), you can comfortably fit it in any tidy space at your home or office.

Features of Cat7 Ethernet Patch Cable from Tera Grand are:

  • It provides a high-rated 10Gbps speed at 600Mhz frequency depending on your internet connection
  • The gold plated RJ45 connectors give a smoother link to your game console and router
  • The twisted and shielded connectors offer security from any RFI/EMI interference
  • Though it is a Cat7 type of cable, it backwardly supports Cat-6a, Cat-6, and Cat-5e kind of network cables
  • The gold plated 50-micron contact pins, and connectors provide almost 20% more performance efficiency
  • It is available in 12 different styles and the size range from 3 feet to 100 feet

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4) Computzoutlet Cat5e Ethernet Cable for Gaming

Computzoutlet Cat5eThe Cat-5e network cable from Computzoutlet is perfect for home gamers using PS or Xbox gaming units. Its high-quality buildup and a closed plug setup keep the NEXT (Near End Cross Talk) level at the minimum.

The Cat-5e Gaming Ethernet Cable from Computzoutlet has features as below:

  • It provides a maximum of up to 1000Mbps of speed at 350MHz frequency
  • It generates lower impedance and SRL compared to other network cables in the same category
  • The cable has a size of 100 feet which is enough for almost all types of setups
  • It offers an easy and strain-free installation due to molded design
  • Perfect for Xbox One, Xbox 360, Play Station 3, and other compatible routers

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5) AmazonBasics Cat-6 Ethernet Patch Cable

AmazonBasics Cat-6 Ethernet Patch CableAmazonBasics introduced a Cat-6 network cable which comes with universal compatibility. It can transfer the data at a high speed of up to 1Gbps between your router and the gaming console. That means you will face zero lagging on your computer monitor at the time of racing or killing zombies.

The AmazonBasics Cat-6 Ethernet Cable has features like below:

  • The RJ45 connectors make sure that you have a reliable speed of over 250Mhz bandwidth
  • You can easily connect this network cable to your computer also through LAN
  • Approx. 15.24 Meters of length is perfect for your short to the mid-range requirement
  • Better signal transmission at trustworthy network speed
  • Comes with 1-year manufacturer warranty so that you can have a hassle-free purchase

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6) YOREPEK High-Speed Cat-7 Ethernet Cable

YOREPEK High-Speed Cat-7 Ethernet CableIf you want to get an incredible gaming experience on your Xbox One, PlayStation, or any other gaming console, then get the top-class Ethernet Cable from YOREPEK. Not only with Xbox One or PS4, but it also perfectly fits with your router, printer, internet modem, switch, hub, computer, laptop, Mac systems, and any other device coming with the RJ45 connectivity port.

Features of YOREPEK Cat-7 Ethernet Cable for Gaming are:

  • Though it is a Category-7 network cable, it backwardly supports all the current applications of Cat-6a, Cat-6, Cat-5e, and Cat-5
  • It provides up to 10Gbps speed at 600Mhz frequency at both ends.
  • Total eight gold plated contact pins are grouped into four copper wire STP (Shielded Twisted Pair) which means you will face no interference during your high-speed gaming
  • Sturdy construction of copper cores offers you to have a stable connection for a longer duration
  • Slim design makes it fit perfectly in the tightest corners and not allow acquiring unnecessary space
  • It is smoke, corrosion, and flame resistant due to high-quality built with PVC material
  • Low toxicity makes it not cause any damage to the environment
  • It has a length of 50 feet (15 meters approximately) which means you can easily make the setup of your devices placed in a room

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7)  Cables Direct Online Cat5e Networking Cable for Xbox

Cables Direct Online Cat5e Networking CableThe Category 5E Ethernet patch cable from Cables Direct Online is compatible with the networking standards of TIA/EIA-568B. It supports all the devices including Xbox, PlayStation, routers, computers, fax machines, etc. having the male ports for RJ45 connection.

Features of Cat-5e Ethernet Cable from Cables Direct Online are:

  • Built with CCA (Copper Clad Aluminum), so you get a sturdy and durable network cable
  • Eight contacts are twisted in four pairs of stranded pins to provide a superfast speed of up to 1Gbps over 350Mhz frequency
  • Both the ends have the male RJ45 connectors, so make sure to check the ports of your devices before you make the attachments
  • If you have 100 Base-T or 10 Base-T networks, then this Cat-5e Ethernet cable can be turned into a most suitable choice
  • The connectors are gold plated and featured with 50 microns which mean you will have a transparent as well as interference-free transmission
  • It has a length of 100 feet which is ideal for household and medium-sized office needs

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Cat5 vs Cat6 vs Cat7 vs Cat5e vs Cat6a

We have seen the top network patch cables in the various categories from the top brands. We also have gone through a buying guide to get the best of them. Now let’s take a quick look at the comparison of the current working categories of the Ethernet cable in the table below.


Transfer Speed























Final Thoughts

So, after checking the reviews of the top-quality Ethernet cables for Xbox One & other gaming consoles and the considerable factors to choose the best Ethernet cable for gaming, you may have a clear idea about the concept. Whether you want the network cable for your office or home use, for accessing the web to check emails, to edit Google Docs, to search for the news, or to play online games overnight, you will not regret if you buy any of the products mentioned above.

Let the world know your thoughts through the comments section below. Also, share here which Ethernet cable you are going to buy for enhancing your gaming experience.

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Now that you have a thorough understanding of the right Ethernet cable for Xbox One, let’s go through a few commonly asked questions. We have tried to answer as many as possible.

Which is The Best Ethernet Cable for Xbox One?

Cat6 cable is the best choice. But, your internet connection must be able to do justice to this cable. If you have a basic connection with average speed, a Cat6 cable won’t help. You might as well buy an inexpensive one.

Is Cat5 a Good Option Too?

Yes, but Cat6 offers better performance. However, if you are strapped for cash, Cat5 is a decent option. You won’t be missing much, honestly.

How Long Should The Ethernet Cable Be?

This completely depends on how far your router is. But remember, the longer the cable, the more the signal loss. So, it is ideal to ensure that the router is closed.

Will a Wireless Adapter Work The Same Way?

Wireless adapters are good and efficient but if you want the fastest possible speeds, you have to choose wired connections only. No matter how great the wireless adapter is, it won’t match the performance of a wired connection. The catch here, though, is that you need to be close to the router.

How Good is a Cat7 Cable?

It’s good but it has more intense applications than connecting your gaming console to the router. Cat6 cables are ideal for advanced systems. So, you would be wasting money buying it for gaming.

My Router is Too Far Away, What Should I Do?

This is totally understandable. Many gaming setups need space and some of us may not have the freedom to set them up near the router. If your gaming zone is really far from the router, we suggest that you choose a wireless adapter. It is the best possible option in this particular case. 

If you have any more questions that need to be answered immediately, please feel free to comment.

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    What do you suggest, what are my options please?

  2. My router is 300 feet away from my Xbox One console so wifi isn’t an option for me, the signal is just too weak, often not even detected. So I bought a 300foot long cat6 ethernet cable and plugged it in from the router to the xbox. It seems to be working fine, but I just read an article saying the drop is too significant at that distance. Moving the 2 closer together isn’t an option for me. Would I be better off to somehow boost the wifi or would buying a cat7 cable help with the voltage drop I’ve heard of due to the 300 feet length/distance
    What do you suggest, what are my options please?

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