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A Raspberry Pi is a tiny computer that can fit in the palm of your hand. It was originally designed with the goal to create an inexpensive device that would help children learn programming skills and understand hardware at the pre-university level. However, due to its small size and affordable cost, it was quickly and widely adopted by tinkerers, inventors, and electronics enthusiasts to make projects requiring more than a basic microcontroller to function (such as Arduino boards). The Raspberry Pi is designed for operating with the Linux operating system, and many Linux distributions now have a version optimized for Raspberry Pi computers.

Starting with Raspberry Pi can be intimidating if you are not sure which project you would like to start working on. We reviewed the best Raspberry Pi starter kits here so you can choose your kit and get computing more easily.

Raspberry Pi 3 Kit for Beginners

1) CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 Kit

CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 KitHere’s another very interesting kit from beginners from CanaKit. It comes with a premium clear case and a world of features such as the following:

  • The computer memory size is 1 GB.
  • It has a USB interface and supports Bluetooth.
  • The kit also has onboard Wi-Fi.
  • The CPU speed is 1.2 GHz. It is model B, quad-core.
  • In the kit, you will find a USB cable and 2.5A power supply along with 2 heat sinks and a noise filter.
  • It has integrated camera support.
  • The Raspberry Pi 3 kit is said to be 10x faster than standard kits.


2) CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter Kit – 32 GB Edition

CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3This kit from CanaKit is a Raspberry Pi 3 kit which includes a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B computer with the specifications: quad-core 1.2 GHz processor, 1GB RAM, Built-in WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity. It has enough features and components that can help you finish any of your electronic projects easily and quickly. The kit also contains-

  • A 32 GB Micro SD Card (Class 10) which is actually a Raspberry Pi recommended microSD card pre-loaded with NOOBS
  • One USB MicroSD card reader
  • One CanaKit 2.5A USB power supply with Micro USB cable, one HDMI cable, and noise filter
  • One high-quality Raspberry Pi 3 case
  • Two heat sinks
  • One GPIO quick reference card.


3) Vilros Raspberry Pi 3 Basic Starter Kit

Vilros Raspberry Pi 3 Basic Starter KitIf you like to tinker or love to work with different projects on Raspberry Pi, then this basic starter kit from Vilros is for you. It comes with one of the fastest and coolest Pi member, the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B.

  • This Raspberry Pi starter kit includes a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B with a quad-core BROADCOM 64bit ARMv8 1.2GHz processor and 1GB RAM (RPi3)
  • It also comes with a UL listed 2.5 A USB power supply with the micro USB cable and noise filter, specially designed for the Raspberry Pi 3.
  • The kit also has a transparent case with all ports easily accessible from the outside while providing ultimate protection to the Raspberry Pi.
  • The case also includes a mounting slot and a few screws for a Raspberry Pi camera module (not included in this kit).
  • This Raspberry Pi 3 kit also comes with two heatsinks.
  • All parts of the kit are covered by the manufacturer (Vilros) with a 1-year full warranty.


4) LoveRPi Complete Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit

LoveRPi Raspberry Pi 3This Raspberry Pi 3 kit from LoveRPi is a great option for all creators and project makers as it has all the necessities for making new and amazing projects. The kit contains a single-board computer Raspberry Pi 3 as well.

  • The board has a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, a graphics processor, 4 USB Ports on shared bandwidth, one Ethernet port, one HDMI port.
  • The board is also packed with one microSD slot, one connector each for cameras, displays, and micro USB.
  • The kit comes with two heat sinks with 3M thermal adhesive tape.
  • The 5V 2.5A micro USB power adapter included is the best for getting the most from your device and accessories in this kit.
  • The kit also has an 8GB microSD card optimized for the Raspberry Pi 3 board with the latest version of the Raspbian Operating System.
  • The clear and durable case provided in the kit supplies all the protection needed for this board while displaying all the connectors and ports on the board.


5) SunFounder Project Super Starter Kit

SunFounder Project Super Starter KitThis is a Raspberry Pi 2 kit from SunFounder that also works for RPi 3. The kit has an amazing range of accessories to aid you in your projects. The entire package comes in a well-designed case, of which there are eight grids to store the components by category as and when required.

  • The Raspberry Pi computer is not included in the kit.
  • Other components in the kit are: one RGB LED, forty pin headers, one-timer, one motor driver IC, five buttons, twenty-six resistors of different values, one power supply module, twenty-two LEDs of different colors, and much more.
  • The user manual that comes with this kit includes detailed instructions on creating 15 different kinds of Raspberry Pi projects.


6) Kuman Raspberry Pi 3 & 2 Complete Starter Kit

Kuman for Raspberry Pi 3 2This Kuman Raspberry Pi starter kit works for both Raspberry Pi 3 and 2. Many call it a complete package because it has all the essentials to get you tinkering and working on DIY projects.

  • It comes with an LCD screen and a 16GB memory card.
  • No external power supply is needed along with the kit.
  • The 16GB memory card has a preloaded system, so you only have to insert the card into your Pi 3 board and connect the LCD panel for it to work.
  • Other components in the kit include one transparent case for the Raspberry Pi board, one power supply of 5V & 2A, one Wi-Fi USB adapter, one fan, and three heat sinks.


7) V-Kits Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

If you are looking for retro arcade gaming, this kit from V-Kits will definitely steal your attention. It includes everything you could ask for. Let’s take a closer look:

  • It has a speed of 1.4 GHz and works on the 64-bit operating mode.
  • In the kit, you will also find 2 gamepads that you can connect with USB. 
  • It has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • You will also receive a Samsung EVO Class 10 Micro SD that already has RETROPIE and NOOBS.
  • The heat sink, HDMI cable, and power supply with the switch are of very high quality.
  • The kit has been designed especially for retro gamers and you won’t be disappointed with it.


After going through all the Raspberry Pi starter kits reviews here, you can easily select one based on your project requirements. We hope our list above has helped you in making an easier decision.

How Raspberry Pi will help you in learning Electronics

Have you ever wanted to make your own robots, build your own digital clock or camera, or design an automatic dog biscuit dispenser? The geeks at heart would have a swell time just by dreaming of achieving this one day. Well, you don’t have to dream anymore as Computer Science and Electronics can now fit into the palm of your hand. Yes, we are talking about Raspberry Pi.

What is Raspberry Pi?

If you are someone who hasn’t yet heard of Raspberry Pi, it is time you must! Raspberry Pi is a small computer, the size of a credit card that can perform basic computing functions and be intended to be used as a tool to teach Computer Science in developing countries. The Raspberry Pi starter kit has the Raspberry Pi model with a keyboard, mouse, SD card, and an HDMI cable for connecting it to your TV or computer.

The production started with Raspberry Pi One. The latest version available in the market is Raspberry Pi 3. This is an improvement over the previous model, Raspberry Pi 2, and has a built-in WiFi and Bluetooth option. This 85.6*56.5mm computer has 1GB RAM and a 1.2GHz processor.  

How can you learn Electronics with Raspberry Pi?

There is a range of Raspberry Pi starter kits available for those interested in learning Electronics.

Basic Projects:

The basic starter kits come with electronic components such as resistors, LEDs, thermistors, photoresistors, switches, wires, and a breadboard. You can now easily make your own circuits and learn to put all that Electronics theory into practice.

Tired of having to design all those circuits on your computer? You can make learning fun by using the Raspberry Pi starter kits to build switching circuits and designing alarms. You can use the same kit to build a microprocessor with an integrated circuit as well. So, you not only learn how things work but also understand the concepts and techniques behind them.

Thrilled about the possibilities of what you can build with Raspberry Pi? Well, you will not be disappointed when you learn that you can create electronic jewelry, electronic locks, flashing room lights, and even a robot with your Raspberry Pi kit.

Advanced Learning:

You can also use other circuit boards as an interface with your Raspberry Pi kit. This is extremely helpful when you want to build something that you want to build for your convenience at home. You can use your Pi to water your garden. All you need to do is connect a sensor to monitor the moisture content, compare this to the optimum levels, and then send automatic instructions (through code) to water the plants.

You can also use the Raspberry Pi kits as individual blocks to build a bigger computing block that can then be used to build a smarter computer.

The list of benefits of Raspberry Pi is endless. In an ever-evolving digital world, it is extremely vital that one understands the basics of Electronics and Computer Science and goes on to harness the power of technology to improve the way of life. And, we think that owning a Raspberry Pi starter kit is the best way to address this.

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