Best Cardstock Printer Reviews of 2021

Here, I am going to provide the reviews of the best printer for cardstock papers and how to print on cardstock in an easy peasy way.  

The printing on heavy-weight paper like cardstock is not as easy as we do on normal print documents. If you do not have the right machine for this, then you may have to face issues like paper jamming in the machine and wastage of the sheets. Not all printers are capable of doing heavy printing. You need some specially designed cardstock printers to complete the job successfully.

Best Cardstock Printer Reviews

1) Epson WorkForce WF-3520

Epson WorkForce WF-3520The Epson WorkForce WF-3520 is at the top of the list. It is an inkjet printer which comes with multiple functionalities. It comes with Ethernet, WiFi capabilities. Also, it has a dual side printing feature.

  • A duplexer, 250-sheet paper tray provides the fastest two-sided printing, scanning, or copying
  • The touch LCD panel of 2.5-inch helps for easy navigations
  • The memory card slot allows you to print the papers without connecting the printer to your PC
  • You can wirelessly connect your smartphone, tablets, and other devices to do cardstock printing through ‘Epson Connect’ app
  • The rear feed helps for specialty media and Envelope printing
  • It helps to save up to 40% printing costs compared to the other color laser printers

This wireless cardstock printer is perfect for small offices, personal heavy printing use, and for the home offices. Though it has not top-rated output print quality, if you have a mid-sized business, then it is perfect for you.


2) Samsung SL-M2020W/XAA Wireless Monochrome

Samsung SL The Samsung SL-M2020W is a feature-rich, fast, and comparatively small-sized monochrome (uses black ink only) printer. Its NFC (Near Field Communication), WiFi, and WiFi Direct support make cardstock printing easy & convenient.

  • It can handle 150 sheet papers at a time
  • It comes with a 400MHz processor & memory of 64MB
  • The faster printing speed of 21 cardstock prints per minute (higher than other standard printers)
  • Through the ‘Samsung Mobile Print’ app & ‘Google Cloud,’ you can use your smartphone, PC, laptop, or tablet to operate the printer wirelessly
  • The ‘Eco-Drive’ feature helps to save almost 20% of the toner by multiple printing on the same page and ignoring blank pages

The Samsung SL-M2020W does not come with the duplexer for dual printing. It cannot do color printing too. But with the better printing speed and excellent print output quality, it is a good option for personal as well as office use.


3) HP LaserJet Pro Color All-in-One M277dw Wireless

HP LaserJet Pro Color All-in-One M277dw WirelessThe LaserJet Pro M277dw from HP is an efficient wireless color printer. It is an all-in-one printing machine which can scan/fax/copy/print heavyweight papers like cardstock.

  • The paper tray can handle 150 input papers and 50 output papers at a time
  • It can print on both sides of the cardstock paper
  • It has both Ethernet as well as WiFi connectivity to print from your phone, computer or tablet
  • It has a printing capacity of 19 pages per minute in both black & color copies
  • Faster scanning & better cartridge offers low-cost cardstock printing

It is not able to print on both sides like the Epson WF-3520 does and also you may find it costly for per page printing. It cannot print the TIFF files too. But with easy to use functionality, good printing speed, excellent quality of printing, and small size make it a handy and efficient cardstock printer.


4) Dell Wireless E525W

Dell Wireless E525WEasy navigation and operation, versatile features, and excellent performance put the Dell E525W on this list. It is a four-in-one multifunctional cardstock printer that can handle print/copy/scan/fax needs.

  • 512MB printer memory & fax memory of 2MB allows performing printing of over 30K pages in a month
  • It has a print speed of up to 18 pages per minute
  • It has a 35-button control panel and a high-contrast LCD four-line panel to do the printing task convenient & quick
  • USB 2.0, Ethernet, WiFi connectivity makes it easy to operate & navigate
  • You can print virtually from anywhere using Google Cloud. It is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android
  • Other than Cardstock, it can handle printing on plain paper, envelopes, recycled paper, labels, thick paper, and much more

You have to pay some more money per page if you want color printing from this wireless cardstock printer. It cannot print on both sides of pages, and you may face speed interference sometimes. But, if you are buying a first MFP color printer, then the Dell E525W can become a good choice for you.


5) HP Officejet C9309A 7500A e-All-in-One E910a

HP Officejet C9309A 7500A e-All-in-One E910a The wide-format multifunctional Officejet printer from HP comes with an automatic document feeder. The ePrint4 app allows you to connect it with your smartphones, PCs, or tablets wirelessly for convenient printing.

  • It has a top speed of 33 pages per minute for black ink print and 32ppm for color print
  • The high-capacity cartridges and separate inks help to save 40% of energy
  • You can print high weight papers by connecting them to your PC with USB 2.0 ports or can use the memory card slot for connectionless printing
  • You can make a cardstock page up to the size of 13” x 19.”
  • The tray can handle 150 pages at a time, and the automatic document feeder can handle 35 pages at once
  • It also supports Email printing & wireless printing with the help of the HP ePrint2 app, iPhone or iPad

The HP Officejet 7500A comes with touch panel controls and remote printing features. But keep in mind that when you do A3 prints, there will be more margins at the top and bottom of the pages.


6) Brother Monochrome Laser Printer DCPL2550DW

Brother Monochrome Laser PrinterThis multifunction printer and copier are engineered for increased efficiency that lets you print more and wait for less. It supports dynamic features with ever-evolving needs and is able to handle letters and legal-sized papers as well.

  • It has a printing speed of up to 36 pages per minute.
  • You don’t have to refill it frequently as it has a capacity of 250 sheets of paper.
  • You can save your time and increase efficiency with the automatic feeder that allows up to 50 sheets for multi-page copying and scanning.
  • It supports a variety of paper types and sizes including card stocks, envelopes, and more.
  • This is a wireless printer that would let you print effortlessly from your desktop, smartphone, laptop, and tablet.

The Brother Monochrome Multifunction printer saves money with its automatic 2 sided printing technology by saving paper. It also helps you save on toner costs with the Toner Save Mode.


7) Canon TS9521C Wireless Crafting Photo Printer

Canon TS9521CThe Canon TS9521C Wireless crafting printer comes with 5 individual inks suitable for everyday needs as well as craft projects. This is one of the few ones that work with Alexa. Alexa is also able to detect if the ink or toner runs low.

  • The ChromaLife 100 feature protects your photos from fading. It preserves albums for up to 100 years and photos without glass for up to 20 years, and glass for up to 30 years.
  • It has a 12 * 12 inches paper support that lets you use this printer for book layout copy, oversized scanning, and others.
  • You can print from any of your devices including smartphone, tablet, memory card, and computer, provided they are printer compatible.
  • It is a versatile printer with the feature of an auto document feeder which can be used for multi-page documents.

It is a quality product from Canon that provides you additional features such as Air Print, Morea Print Service, and built-in memory card slot among others. It is sure to satisfy all your everyday needs like photos, school projects, invitations, documents, etc.


You should know all the aspects of the printing and the machine specifications before you buy the best cardstock printer. All the products come with separate capabilities, some unique features, and purposes that make them different than the others. So, when you search for online lists like this, forums, or any other info about the printers for cardstock, then do check its features and advantages. Compare them with the list of your needs. It will help you to choose the most suitable and value-for-money printer for cardstock.

How to Print on Cardstock?

How to Print on Cardstock

There are four types of paper for printing:

  1. Tag Paper: Most heavy paper to print.
  2. Cardstock: Also known as cover paper which is heavier than the standard printing papers.
  3. Commercial Text Paper: Letterheads, Brochures, Envelopes, etc. come in this category.
  4. Writing / Bold Paper: This is a standard paper type on which all types of printers can work.

Yes, it’s true that cardstock printing is not as easy as you do on standard paper. But it is not that difficult too. Following some easy instructions can make this process much easy, quick, and enjoyable.

Step-1: Adjust The Printer Tray

Adjust The Printer Tray

First, change the settings of the printer. Navigate through its menu and send the commands to the printer & your device that you are printing on thick paper.

  1. Open the menu of the printer
  2. Look for the ‘Tray’ option & then select ‘paper Handling.’
  3. Choose ‘Cardstock/Heavy’ and then click on ‘Resume.’

Step-2: Insert The Paper

Insert The Paper

If you already filled the tray with the cardstock papers, then select the size of the print. If not, then do it first.

  1. Open the printer cover
  2. There is a paper tray placed here, put the cardstock paper. Remember to face up the side on which you want the print
  3. Set the edges as per the tray and paper size
  4. Adjust the paper thickness lever
  5. Close the printer cover

Step-3: Select The Paper Size

Select The Paper Size

Enter the dimensions of the paper to print. For this;

  1. Go to the Printer Driver
  2. Choose ‘Print’ and then open ‘Properties.’
  3. Search the option related to the size of the paper, i.e., Page Size or Paper Size or something like that and choose the color option: Black & white or color.
  4. Click for the ‘User Defined Size’ or ‘Custom’
  5. Insert the desired values for cardstock printing
  6. Also, do check for the paper orientation (portrait/landscape)

After doing the steps above, check all the things properly and then select the ‘Print’ option. If you are making the wireless or virtual printing from your mobile or PC, then you can take help of the official App from the printer company to get the desired output.

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  1. Your right about the Epson WF3520, mine has lasted 8 years with virtually no problems and is a trooper. As a realtor and crafter it is by far the best machine I have ever had. BUT they don’t make that printer anymore

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