Is ASUS a Good Brand or Not? Read to Find It!

As I am a computer person, friends and relatives often ask questions about buying a computer and its accessories or which brand is good to go for, which brand offers best features at lower prices, etc. Sometimes my answer satisfies them and sometimes I have to work hard. But every time, I try my best to give them right suggestions with proper research and information. And as I was asked a question by one of my friends recently which was about are ASUS laptops good or bad, I am going to review the tech brand to help that friend and to my other potential readers, too.

Before going to review the brand, I want to share that the ASUS is my favorite brand when it comes to the desktop and laptop (It does not mean that you start thinking that I am promoting ASUS, TFU). This review will surely provide you the answer for the question, is ASUS a good brand or not?

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Who makes ASUS computer most preferable to buy?

ASUS offers a wide range of laptops at very competitive prices; including ZenBook ultra-portable laptops to high-featured gaming PCs. The tech giant is always first for implementing the latest technologies like Core M or NVIDIA G-Sync at the same time maintain the standard quality build and excellent designs. The company has also proved that low prices do not mean that you have to compromise with the quality and features. With the scope of some small improvements including the support on the web and social media, and sometimes warranty issues, ASUS is a strong contender of becoming the bestseller brand in laptops and desktops.


Whether providing a low-cost laptop worth $219 (Transformer Book Flip Tp200sa-uhbf Signature Edition) or a gaming laptop (G751JY 17-Inch Gaming Laptop) which can cost you $1200, ASUS has never skimped on the quality material. Even if it uses a plastic material in some of their devices like EeeBook X205TA, they certainly look like premium devices.

ASUS consistently delivers gently round edges with clean lines. Many of its laptops have a concentric-circle design which is admired by most of the users. Overall, I would give 8 points out of 10 for the build quality of ASUS devices.


After hardware, we should look the quality of the software used in the device. Most of the ASUS devices are preloaded with software including Netflix, Flipboard, Bloatware, Line, Trip Advisor, Candy Crush Saga, etc. Some of them include a 500 GB web storage from ASUS.

The ASUS ROG Gaming Center is truly a revolution in gaming software technology.  You can configure, upload, download, and upgrade the software from the company’s website anytime and anyplace. 9 out of 10 for Software quality.


When compared to other brands, ASUS is behind from only two giants; Apple and MSI. Eight out of eleven ASUS devices earn four stars out of five for having the consistency and high-quality performance. FYI, ASUS is only laptop providing brand which is reviewed for more than ten devices without negative reviews below 2.5 stars! For this, I would like to give 9 out of 10 stars to ASUS. This is a strong point for the company for providing the answer to people asking who makes ASUS computers and laptops worthy to buy?

Technical Support

If you prefer the old method of customer care service, i.e. getting support over the phone, then you will love the technical support given by the company. But, if you search for a web support from the website of the company, then you may be disappointed by not getting the proper solution or prompt response. It also provides support on social platforms including Twitter and Facebook, but if you have to make a bit of search on the ASUS’s FB page to find the customer care service. The company will get 6.5 out of 10 stars for the support mainly due to customer’s hard effort for getting the solution.

Warranty, Value, and Choice

The only brand which offers an accidental protection within the one-year warranty limit is ASUS. The protection is included in only the high leveled systems like ROGSWIFT devices, though. If you buy an expensive device from the company, the return shipping cost will be taken care by the company, but if you choose the lower prices devices, that part should be taken care by you.

By offering a wide range of products including Windows PCs and Gaming Laptops, Adapters the ASUS is slowly becoming the most preferred brand among the worldwide laptop users. The devices are enriched with high-end technologies and competitive rates. Unlike to other brands like HP, DELL, and LENOVO, ASUS will not allow you the laptop configurations while ordering.

I will give 8.5 out of 10 for the warranty, value and selection for ASUS.

What are the improvements to be made?

ASUS should concentrate hard on the web support and build a strong community on social media platforms. If you ask whether is ASUS a good laptop brand or not, I will say, the company is adopting the latest technology nicely, but to go at the top level, it should provide unique ideas and flexibility to users.


Is ASUS a good laptop brand? Who makes ASUS laptops top choice for gaming? Is ASUS a good computer manufacturer company? Are ASUS laptops good for the money? If you have such or similar questions like these, the answers are within the above 800 words only. I am sure after reading; you will be pretty clear about the ASUS brand for getting laptop and desktop PCs.

Overall Rating: 41/50.

Azad Shaikh

Azad Shaikh

Azad Shaikh is an internet geek at heart. From reviews about computer components to playing X-box one games, Azad takes pleasure in writing about anything and everything about computers. He is a computer engineering graduate and certified ethical hacker. In his leisure time, he reads and explores the internet.

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