3 Useful Benefits from Being Able to Convert Video Formats

How many different formats of video have you encountered lately, or do you tend to not even notice the format of the videos you’re using? At times it may even seem as though the video format isn’t all that relevant to ‘regular’ users, and is something that only experts and people who deal with videos would ever need to be concerned about.

In reality however, being able to convert video formats is something that can be beneficial to anyone and everyone – especially considering how often videos are used today. When you are able to convert video formats, you will be able to:

  • Guarantee the compatibility of your videos with any device or platform

Although most PCs today cater to a range of video formats, other platforms and devices are not so flexible – including mobile devices. When you’re able to convert video formats you can make sure that your videos will be compatible with any of your devices, or with someone else’s if you intend to share it.

  • Compress video file sizes

Some videos have extremely large file sizes due to the fact that they are uncompressed – which can be an issue when your storage space is limited. By converting the video format you can opt to use codecs with better compression and cut the file size while suffering a minimal loss in quality.                             

  • Optimize videos for a particular device

Different devices will have different screen resolutions, frame rates, audio specifications, and so on. Having a video that exceeds these specifications is normally wasteful, as it will consume more space while not providing any tangible improvements. By converting videos you can adjust them so that they adhere to the optimal settings for a particular device.


The only thing that you really need to be able to convert videos and gain these benefits is the right video format converter. By opting to use Movavi Video Converter, you won’t have to worry about the technical side of converting videos or delve into the intricacies of video formats and settings at all as it will simplify the process and allow you to convert your videos with just a few clicks.

In addition to making it so easy to convert your videos, Movavi Video Converter also has a host of other amazing features that make it all the more useful. It can convert audio and image files, cut and combine video segments, improve the quality of your videos, add customizable text, grab screenshots, create animated GIFs from video clips, extract audio tracks, and much more.

Essentially you could start to really tweak your videos so that they are perfect in every way by using Movavi Video Converter. That will allow you to enjoy the benefits of being able to convert and improve your videos, without the hassle that is normally associated with it.

Azad Shaikh

Azad Shaikh

Azad Shaikh is an internet geek at heart. From reviews about computer components to playing X-box one games, Azad takes pleasure in writing about anything and everything about computers. He is a computer engineering graduate and certified ethical hacker. In his leisure time, he reads and explores the internet.

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