Twitter Tips: Making Your Twitter Account Professional

Here are some twitter tips to follow while creating your new twitter account. You can also make this changes now, if you like them.

Choosing the Right Username:

One thing that you have to remember all the time is that you are going to use your Twitter account for expanding your business. Therefore, it certainly pays for you to have a professional-looking Twitter account.

The first impression on anyone that decides to follow you on Twitter is in the name you choose on the website. The name you choose could be your brand name, your pen name or the name of your business or website. There are other things you can choose as well, but the most highly recommended option is to choose something from among these options.

Remember that the name you choose on Twitter will figure in your Twitter profile URL like this:

That’s one place where you can promote your brand. Have your brand name as your Twitter name and it will figure in your Twitter profile URL.

But if brand name establishment isn’t your prerogative, then you might want to use some specific keywords pertaining to your business as your Twitter username. This could be the name of your niche market. The added benefit here is that the keywords in your Twitter profile URL will help it get ranked better on search engines and you can attract some unexpected flow of traffic as well.

For instance, make your Twitter profile name something like weight-loss-in-a-week and your highly enhanced Twitter profile URL will appear like this:

Enhancing Your Profile:

W saw how you could select a great Twitter username. That’s part of enhancing your profile—a very important part in fact—but then there are other things that you can do as well.

One of the most essential things to do is to add a photo of yourself or, better still, the logo of your business. This immediately gives it a professional look. Even a picture of yourself could speak a thousand words to people who want to believe in your business but are still skeptical for some reason. With your smiling picture on your Twitter profile, your Twitter followers can place you better and hence relate to you better as well.

Twitter has a host of backgrounds and color schemes that you should think about as well. Twitter, a business social networking website, has included all these schemes because they are relevant to the brand image that a business creates. It is advisable to choose a scheme that goes with what your business stands for. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different schemes and see what works the best for you.

In fact, you can even customize your Twitter account. Take the help of Twitter profile designers to help you. These people could make a Twitter profile page most suited for your needs. These are a few of them to consider:-

If you are looking for a free Twitter customizing service, you could try out:-

 The Twitter Bio:

Perhaps the biggest chance you have got to reach out to people on Twitter is through the bio box that Twitter provides on your profile page. This bio box is where you can tell people who you are and what your business is about. Be as compelling as you can here, because this is where people will decide to follow you.

Your Twitter bio is restricted to 160 characters. That is all the more reason why you have to be stingy with words. Write only what is relevant and actually test various bios to see what reads the best. You have to say the most things in the fewest words.

A good example would be…

“I am an American content writer, writing since 7 years, in various niches. I write articles, website content, reports, sales pages, eBooks and other things.”

This bio works because it tells all that the person does and also has all the keywords that would add to the search engine optimization value of the profile page. The following are the keywords used in this profile—website content, content writer, sales pages, reports, eBooks, articles. Hence it works in drawing people on Twitter who are looking for these very things.

 A Few Suggestions about Your Twitter Profile:

There are so many things we can do to enhance our Twitter profiles. We have been speaking about these for a while now but the list seems to be unending. Here are some more suggestions…

1.         Make sure to select the time zone that you are in. This allows other people to know when you will be available for tweeting.

2.         Another thing to localize yourself is to mention your geographical location. You might feel this to be too intrusive but it is actually good for business because people in your local area will want to contact you more for the reliability and the convenience factor.

3.         You can also set language and even opt for translation into other languages if you are trying to tap into a non English speaking market.

4.         Now, this is an important point. There is an option on Twitter to protect your updates. When you check that, you only let people whom you approve to follow your updates. However, by doing that, you are stopping people who wish to communicate with you and probably follow you. The best thing to do is to make your Twitter updates unprotected so that everyone can access your updates.

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