The Geek’s Introduction to Twitter

Those who already may know what is Twitter, probably will not find anything interesting here, sorry, :(. But you can follow us at, and we will be happy to follow you ^ _ ^.

Those who still have no Twitter account or do not have very clear idea about Twitter, read on and see if I inspire you :).

Content Outline:
* What is Twitter?
* Why are you interested in Twitter?
* Why you do not interested in Twitter?
* What else you can do?
* What are the advantages of…?

Before signing up, some questions:

What is Twitter?

A web service equivalent to talking to the wall, but with the possibility that this will respond.

Something halfway between the chat (everyone speaks publicly, without order) and the messenger (just talk to the contacts that you add).

The new empire where the sun does not set people talking is continually, day and night.

The basic question is: What are you doing, but people tend to explain both what it does, as to send links to them are interesting or photos or music …

Why are you interested in Twitter?

* It is short: 140 characters little more than an SMS.
* It is accessible: you can write or read what others write from anywhere: web (and mobile web), mobile, web browser, desktop …
* It’s fast: write bit = take less to send a message, read bit = take less to read a message.
* Allows you to stay in constant touch with the world and your feedback flow of information / knowledge permanently.

Why are not you interested Twitter?

* It’s addictive. Its ease of use hooks.
* Anything you say may be used against you, so remember that you have the right to remain silent :).

What else can I do?

* Follow-up brand. You can use your browser or tools like Splittweet to know who’s talking about you or your company.

* Inform and report on specific issues. If you write your text beside the subject to which it relates as follows (my post # theme), others may use the form for information on that topic. You can do the same to further topics of interest and find people you share interests. For example, electronic books.

* Retransmit the information. If one of your contacts has something interesting retweet, i.e forwards your message to his own contacts. This will give added value to your twitts (messages). The most common way of doing this is to follow this format: RT: @ user_author: your message interesting.

* Find Friends. As in any social network, here you can relate to your old friends, with your acquaintances or strangers with whom they may share a hobby. The limit you put it.

* Promoting yourself. Tell us what you can do, what you do, what you like … yourself! This is one of the largest showcases of the world.

* Finding a job or clients. Looking for work? Just one of your contacts can help. Got something to sell? You may want someone, but try not to be too heavy or you get tired and can they pick-mania to your product.

What are the advantages?

* A blog: brevity and immediacy.
* A social network Facebook-style: simplicity.
* A traditional web: interactivity.

Already have clear why you need a Twitter account? Go ahead, register and enjoy it:).


  1. Visit the registration page.
  2. Fill out the information you request: full name, user, password, email and the two words in the captcha. Click on “Create my account”.
  3. Twitter now invites you to search for your friends, so you can follow you (ie make you followers from each other). If you want to look at your contacts from Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or other webmail service, then click on the name of the service and follow the steps you suggest (enter passwords, select the contacts you want to track). If you prefer to manually add your friends, then find the bottom of the page the link “Skip this step” and follow it.
  4. Twitter also show you some random users to follow. You can also avoid this step by clicking on “Skip this step” at the bottom of the page.
  5. That’s it. No more logging:).


Without more, you’re ready to tell your story:

Twitter Web

You can write messages from the web, go to home, or using a program for your mobile web browser or desktop.

Twitter related JokeMessage formats:

* Normal message: your message.
* Answer: @ user_to_answer  your answer.
* Retwitt: RT: @ user_author:  your message interesting.
* About a Topic: Your message # topic.

No more guidance. If you want to go deeper into the issue and all options offered by Twitter, experience for yourself and search Google :).

Tell us if you like this post and finally you make an account on Twitter.

Finally, to know that our account on Twitter is:, follow us and we will be happy to follow you^ _ ^.

Azad Shaikh

Azad Shaikh

Azad Shaikh is an internet geek at heart. From reviews about computer components to playing X-box one games, Azad takes pleasure in writing about anything and everything about computers. He is a computer engineering graduate and certified ethical hacker. In his leisure time, he reads and explores the internet.

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