Best Refrigerant Recovery Machine Reviews of 2019

Any device that can remove refrigerant from a cooling device is called a refrigerant recovery machine. A refrigerant is a substance with the property of rapidly absorbing heat from its surrounding atmosphere. This property makes it an indispensable component in refrigerators and other cooling devices. However, after a certain period, refrigerants become more and more ineffective and start to leak out into the atmosphere, causing further damage to the Ozone layer. Therefore removing refrigerants periodically after a period is essential.

Now that you know why we require removing refrigerants, so let us talk about what do we use to remove them. This is where we come in. Explained below are a few of the best refrigerant recovery machines, with why we should or shouldn’t buy it. You can easily choose from the below list based on your criteria and decide on a refrigerant recovery machine.

Best Refrigerant Recovery Machine

1) Robinair RG3 Portable Refrigerant Recovery Machine

This refrigerant recovery machine can work as refrigerant recovery for multiple kinds of devices. It is perfect for any residential cooling appliance and is incredibly easy to use. It is capable of handling both vapor and liquid refrigerants and can withstand even extreme weather conditions.

  • The RG3 is very compact and lightweight and weighs 18 pounds. It also has a 40 percent lesser carbon footprint as compared to other devices.
  • Its compressor works without oil and can recover refrigerants from every device.
  • This refrigerant recovery machine can handle almost all refrigerants, like all the common CFC, HFC, HCFC refrigerants including the R-410A refrigerant.
  • The RG3 adapts a cross flow design that has very high efficiency. Also, the layout of the RG3’s fan and condenser is such that you can achieve shorter cycle times.
  • It also features a high-pressure safety shut-off switch, which means it automatically shuts off if the pressure rises above 550 PSI.


2) CPS Products TR21 Pro-Set Refrigerant Recovery Machine

This refrigerant recovery machine claims a revolutionary ‘vacuum pump’ style portable design. It can recover most refrigerants from cooling appliances. The fit-ins of the machine are lead-free brass, helping it perform faster than most other recovery devices. However, this is not the spark proof version as shown on some sites. The machine also comes with a one year warranty for protection against any industry defects.

  • This device has a unique filtration system. It contains a cleanable 100 – mesh screen that is integrated into its suction port.
  • It also has a thermally protected motor for protection against overloading.
  • There is a feature that shuts this device when the pressure increases above 550 psi.
  • The kind of compressor used is an oil-free reciprocating compressor. There are 2 cylinders in every compressor in this device.


3) Robinair 34788NI-H Premier R-134A Refrigerant Recovery Machine

This refrigerant recovery machine is well known to deal with the recovery, recycling, evacuation and recharging of R-134a. It has an improved recovery efficiency of 98.5% along with a new design featuring a larger graphical display. Its new features also include leak testing, automatic refill of refrigerant and putting A/C lubricant back in the device.

  • This device has an inbuilt program to recover refrigerants, conduct leak tests and charge itself without the use of any panel valves.
  • Another feature in this device is a reminder to empty the container showing the amount of oil to replace. This reminder is shown in a visual format.
  • An alarm is present in the device which visually and audibly notifies the user when any service is completed, or if any problem has occurred.
  • There is also an automatic air purging system that eliminates any device-damaging air from the inside without using any monitoring gauges.
  • This Robinair device has an automatic refrigerant refill feature that maintains a user-selectable amount of refrigerant in an internal vessel. It also signals the user when it’s time to change the supply tank.


4) Yellow Jacket 95762 RecoverXLT Refrigerant Recovery Machine with Sensor

Yellow Jacket RecoverXLT is one of the best refrigerant recovery machines providing a fully automatic operation with quick recovery of all Class- III, Class- IV and Class  V refrigerants, including R-410A. It can change a refrigerant from vapor to liquid and further on to purge via the control of a single valve.

  • The presence of a constant pressure regulator (CPR) valve helps in regulating the refrigerant to the compressor, thereby not requiring the technician to throttle the suction valve.
  • It contains an advanced 1/2 HP, 3425 rpm compressor that is oil-free and has precision valves.
  • This device shuts off recovering refrigerant when the unit reaches 13″ of vacuum. The unit will then automatically restart if system pressure is raised. The indicator signals “recovery complete” when it is done.
  • Nested components induce quiet running of the device by reducing vibration and noise. The oil-less compressor is quiet by itself as well.
  • It can sense back pressure from the tank, shutting itself off automatically at 517 PSI.
  • The device also has a reusable mesh particulate filter that is inserted into the suction port for protection. Therefore, simple cleaning of the filter eliminates replacement of the filter due to clogging
  • The “On-the-fly” purge feature can be obtained with the simple turn of a knob to remove residual refrigerant and help prevent any cross-contamination.
  • The highly effective fan keeps air moving across the condenser for cool air even in hot weather.


5) Robinair (34288) CoolTech R-134A Recovery Machine

RobinairThis Robinair refrigerant recovery machine combines simplicity of operation with superior accuracy. Meeting the SAE J-2788 standards of accuracy, this device can recover, recycle, and recharge refrigerants quickly and accurately.

  • It contains a display that can remind you to empty the container in the device that tells you the amount of oil to replace.
  • This device can eliminate damaging air from its system without the use of monitoring gauges.
  • The machine keeps a certain amount of refrigerant in itself and signals to the user when it is time to change the supply tank.
  • The display of this machine is multilingual, meaning it is available in many languages.
  • It shows the level of refrigerant use and monitors the remaining filter life. When 1/3 of filter life remains, it alerts the user to the fact.


6) Inficon 714-202-G1 Vortex Dual Refrigerant Recovery Machine, 1 HP, 120V

Inficon 714-202-G1This Vortex dual machine has extended features along with its already existing previous ones. Combining all such features gives you a smallest and easiest to use the product. It can be used only with 110V and comes with 3 years warranty. It works with all HVAC refrigerants making it one of the best HVAC recovery machines.

  • With a 1 HP dual piston compressor, this device provides one of the fastest recovery rates in the industry.
  • The micro-channel condenser in this machine gives surprising heat exchange, allowing it to maintain its quick recovery rates throughout the entire recovery cycle
  • It also comes with an oversized fan that provides exceptional cooling.
  • The feature of automatic purge is also present, without the need to change hoses.
  • A filter/dryer is also included with this device.


7) Robinair RG6 110V AC Portable Refrigerant Recovery Machine

Robinair RG3 110VThe RG6 is a refrigerant recovery machine that is built sturdy from the outside and still provides extremely fast recovery speeds in all weather conditions, including high temperatures. It is perhaps the most portable HVAC recovery machines with the ability to withstand industrial conditions of refrigerant recovery.

  • Its twin-cylinder design allows for a top-notch recovery performance.
  • The compressor of this device is oil-less making the device quieter, while it is capable of handling both liquid and vapor refrigerants.
  • There is also a high-pressure safety shut-off switch in the device that automatically shuts off the machine if its pressure rises above 550 PSI.
  • Its self-purge feature does away with any potential for cross-contamination as well as saves time.
  • The RG6 can deal with almost all refrigerants like all common CFC, HFC, HCFC Refrigerants including the refrigerant R-410A.


After browsing through our best refrigerant recovery machine reviews, we are sure you have a fair idea of which HVAC recovery machine to purchase to remove the refrigerant. Keep your cooling devices clean and your environment safe!

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