Best Bolt Carrier Group of 2019

Like every other tool, your weapon should be maintained properly. To improve the weapon’s longevity and functionality, you should regularly check and clean and service it. The choice of the best bolt carrier group is difficult not because of the too many brands or products available in the market, but due to the lack knowledge of the top performing products among the users. So, we have made a list of the best bolt carrier group of 2019 here to help you choose the right and complete bolt carrier group.

Best Bolt Carrier Group

1) Brownells AR15 Bolt Carrier Group Nitride MP

BROWNELLS - M16 5.56 BOLTThis complete bolt carrier group from Brownells offers easy and reliable operation. It is an M16 BC machined from hardened 8620 steel and comes with bolts tested at high pressure. I am not saying this is the best AR15 bolt carrier group of all time, but one thing for sure is that, for the price it is having, it has done each thing right which is almost unmatched.

Features of Brownells BCG are:

  • It has a nitride finish which gives a slightly better performance than other standard bolt carrier groups
  • Completely assembled BCG containing gas key, bolt carrier, bolt, cam pin, firing pin, and retaining pin
  • Shot peened and heat treated, magnetic particle inspected bolts
  • Corrosion resistant mil-spec finish which is known as parkerizing‘.
  • Well stacked and torqued gas key screws


DANIEL DEFENSE - M16 5.56 BOLTDaniel Defense has manufactured the bolt carrier group, in particular for the AR15. It provides strength, durability, efficiency, and dependable service. You can also install this bcg on fully automatic law enforcement and other military rifles.

Features of this Bolt Carrier Group from Daniel Defense are:

  • It has shot-peened bolt which helps to increase the durability and strength of the surface
  • It is a chrome plated BCG with an M16 profile which has a building material of 8620 steel
  • It contributes to preventing the gas leakages with the help of staked gas key
  • It is perfect for both semi-auto and full-auto rifles, especially like AR15

3) Anderson Manufacturing Complete BCG

ANDERSON MANUFACTURINGThe complete bolt carrier group from Anderson is manufactured according to the military standards. It works with 5.56 and .223 caliber ammo and also compatible with the .300BLKs.

Features of Anderson Complete Bolt Carrier Group are:

  • It is featured with an 8620 carpenter steel carrier and a staked gas key
  • It has a 9310 super alloy steel bolt
  • The fully military specified construction and the durable phosphate finish makes it durable for longer times
  • It is chrome lined BCG which comes with all needed components to install it easily and quickly

4) BRAVO COMPANY Complete Bolt Carrier GROUP

BRAVO COMPANY - M16 5.56 BOLTThe bolt carrier group from Bravo company is designed to provide service to semi-automatic rifles. It works well enough with .223 and 5.56 caliber ammo.

Features of Bravo Bolt Carrier Group AUTP are:

  • It is specially designed for semi-automatic rifles and pistols
  • It comes with a firing pin
  • You do not require additional tools or components apart from those needed for installation
  • It is equipped with chrome lined gas key which is heat treated as per the GI specifications

5) Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Group from Spikes Tactical

PIKES TACTICAL - M16 5.56 NICKELThis is one of the best nickel boron based BCGs available in the market today. Though it is less expensive than the other bolt carrier groups in the category, it contains the same standard design, reputation, and reliability that needs to be in like one.

Features of Spikes Tactical BCG are:

  • It has a complete nickel boron plated inside and outside build provides a superior wear resistance
  • Perfect for the fully automatic rifles like M-16
  • Hard to compete performance against cost makes it a great option for a BCG need
  • It has HPT (High Pressure Tested), MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspected), and shot peened carpenter 158 steel bolt
  • Top-class finish and fitting gives a sturdy build and attractive look

6) Colt M16 5.56 Bolt Carrier Group

COLT - M16 5.56 BOLTIf you are looking for a classic BCG, then don’t go anywhere than Colt. Soon after the establishment of AR-15 rifles, the company has been arguably providing standard BCGs. Though it is slightly expensive, it has really set the high bars for the reliability and quality both.

Features of Colt M16 BCG are:

  • Carrier is made from 8620 steel, and the Carpenter 158 steel is used to make bolt
  • Completely assembled kit
  • Black Phosphate finished design which is free from imperfections
  • To offer a wear resistance from hot gases and to provide smooth cycling, it has chrome lined carrier and gas key
  • In one sentence, the Colt is a standard according to which the other BCGs are measured
  • It has a limited availability most of the time, so it’s better that you book your item as soon as you make your mind to buy it

7) WMD Guns Nickel Boron Bolt Carrier Group

WMD GUNS - M16 5.56 NICKELEverything is top-notch including the material for the BCG from WMD Guns. The high-grade steel is precisely machined with a nickel boron coating which gives a smoother surface. It has a couple of options for availability like NIB-X coated and M16 BCG.

Features of the AR15 Bolt Carrier Group from WMD Guns are:

  • Faster and easier cleaning of the parts than the others
  • Specially designed for the high volume shooters like for the 3-gun competition
  • Corrosion resistant and reduced friction help to improve the performance
  • Great for the fully automatic rifles like M16
  • Both the bolt and AR15 lightweight carrier have the nickel boron finish

Things to consider for selecting the best bolt carrier group

It can be daunting to pick the right BCG for your rifle. And truly speaking, there are not many things that can be counted as considerations. The material, finish, profiles, testing, etc. are to be the reasonable things when it comes to getting one. I have listed some things to consider which I found the great help for buying a right bolt carrier group. Check the guide below:

  1. As the BCG will be facing a lot of stress and heat, the material should be of a standard quality. It should have the reliability, strength, and durability.
  2. The next thing is the finish it has and the linings made on it. These things help to protect the BCG from corrosion and abrasions. They also improve the reliability, reduce friction, make the cleaning process easy, and make the parts slicker.
  3. See the profile of the BCG, whether it is semi-automatic or fully-automatic. The full-auto BCG can also work on semi-auto rifles. So know your rifle and select the profile that matches with it.
  4. The two methods which measure the standard of the BCG are the HPT (High-Pressure Testing) and MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection). If you find that the BCG is not having these tests done, then don’t buy it.

Bolt carriers provide reduced frictions and lower the operating temperature of your weapon. This results in an overall good performance of your equipment in all types of weather conditions and climate changes. If you ask for the best AR15 bolt carrier group, then I will recommend going for the Brownells BCG as it will be the heart of your AR15 rifle without breaking your bank. As not the best for me can be the best for you always, so check out the products and get your perfect match. There are some alternatives of a titanium bolt carrier group available in the market, but the top-quality BCG is what you should get for clean maintenance of your weapon. And the above list will help you get the value for the money bolt carrier group.

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