Reduce Stretch Marks Using Argan Oil

Stretch marks appears when you have gain lot of weight or shed all that pounds from the body. The most common reason for weight gain among women is thyroid imbalance, hormonal issues, obesity or pregnancy whereas losing weight can be due to controlled diet and cardio exercises. Our skin is flexible so when you gain weight, the tissues rip apart to stretch the skin. This process leads to stretch marks on the fat depositing areas. Most common place for stretch marks to appear are on stomach, thighs, buttocks, and underarms.

Having stretch marks can be really embarrassing for many of us. The best way to get rid from nasty stretch marks is to treat them well in advance before they marred your body. Argan Oil is a 100% pure organic product that nourishes your skin, even out the skin tone and tightens the skin to reduce the visibility of stretch on the body.

Using Moroccan Argan oil Against Stretch Marks

Argan oil is naturally derived from the kernels of Argan Tree a native plant of Morocco. The fruits are daily picked up by local women and the seeds are removed from the pulp. After this, seeds are toasted under the sun, broken by using stones and grinded to derived pure organic Moroccan Argan oil.

This oil is quite popular all around the worlds because of the healing properties. Argan oil is rich in anti-oxidants, Vitamin E and essential amino-acids that repairs the damage cells of skin. Also it hydrates the deep layers of skin, improves elasticity to ward of signs of premature aging and wrinkles. Argan oil is also very effective in reducing stretch marks. Many women apply this oil from the early days of pregnancy to increase the skin elasticity and reduce occurrence of stretch marks.

When you apply argan oil on the affected areas, it breaks down the collagen and elastin to increase the elasticity of the skin. It also hydrates the skin to make if soft and fresh. The anti-oxidants present in Moroccan argan oil boost the growth of new cells while the acids removes the layer of dead cells which makes your skin look smoother.

How to Apply Argan Oil on Stretch Marks?

Argan oil can be used directly on the skin or mix with sweet almond oil or rose oil if you don’t like the nutty smell. Just apply few frops of oil on the affected areas and massage in a circular motion so it gets easily absorbed in the skin. Do this twice a day for at least a month for effective results. Make sure you get the purest and 100% organic Moroccan Argan oil available in glass bottles. We advise you not to mix argan oil with any other essential oils as this might limit the effect on the skin and might give rashes on sensitive skin.

To give you give a better idea on the best argan oil for skin, we have listed the top most quality of Moroccan Argan Oil on our website Do check out to pick out the best oil to get rid ugly stretch marks.

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  1. nothing is better than the least invasive option. For many creams and oils arent enough for many Carboxytherapy is a great alternative. Its not surgery, It does require infusing Co2 gas along the stretchmark. Dr Lisa Zdinak in NY did the original research and has performed the procedure for over 10 years

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