How To Trace Coax Cable – Find Its Source

It genuinely feels like we can’t do without coax cables today. They are available everywhere and because we are heavily reliant on technology, we can’t function without them. 

How To Trace Coax Cable

But, tracing a cable can be quite a challenge. Even in the place of your residence, you may find it hard because these cables can run through the wall or the roof to reach their destination. If you need to trace the coax cable in your house, it may take time but companies have made it quite easy by providing specific tracing tools, specifically the coax cable tracer.

What Is A Coax Cable Tracer?

It is exactly what its name suggests. It is a small device that works to help you trace the entire length of the cable. There are different variations on the market, each with specific functions. They are tuned to give you the required information.

There are separate toners and probe devices that you can purchase as well. These will require manual tracing and measuring but they are just as reliable. 

All these tracing tools are quite easy to find and afford.

How To Trace Coax Cables

If you just have one cable and a tracer, the process is quite straight-forward. You just need to follow the instructions of the tracer. A problem might arise when there are 2 or more coax cables. For this, you will need a tool called a cable tester. Here’s how you use it:

  • Use a jack to connect the sender device
  • With the speaker, test each cable
  • When you reach the right cable, you will hear a sound or a beep

How To Trace Coax Cables When It Is Lost

There are instances when people lose the coax cable entirely. They can only see one end of it and have no idea where it comes from. If you are in this pickle, there is something you can do. Don’t worry!

  • Use a toner and connect it to the end of the cable that is within reach
  • It will capture the signal emitted and release a sound/tone. This will help you find the end of the cable with ease


Even though tracing itself is a challenge that not many homeowners want to take up, tracing tools have made the process easy. The steps above have been simplified to help you navigate without professional help. If you are still confused, though, it is best to reach out to experts. They will trace your coax cable in no time.

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Azad Shaikh

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