3 Keys to Release The Creativity of Any Groups

Sooner or later, any group that works together, whether employees of the same office, volunteers in a nonprofit organization, or leaders of a management team must develop creative ideas for innovation. Unfortunately, what usually happens when the leader asks the group nominated … “Give me your best ideas,” the response is limited to standard answers, conventional responses or blank stares. The leader then would think … hopefully these hard working employees also have some creativity!

I can suggest three keys – there are probably many more – so that working groups could let the genius of creativity is released, for that I give you three principles.

1: Quantity over quality

The groups tend to want and wait for the great idea to magically appear on someone’s head, and everyone runs after her. Rarely works that way.

The secret is to find creative ideas to generate quantities of ideas, even bad ideas, but then after analysis, a shortlist and then choose the best of them by consensus. This may feel ineffective because it is contrary to how it conducts most of the other jobs right?

After all, do not generate a lot of financial reports and then choose the best, or not done a lot of different parts of the machine and then select the one that best suits them, or for preparing a dozen case meals and then decide which one will eat. But all this has nothing to do with creativity and innovation.

2: Reducing inhibition

Reducing inhibitionIf you think that increasing the “creativity” seems a dubious task, I agree. I think it is necessary to increase the creativity of people, rather it has to do is reduce the difficulties that stand in the way of people so they can use the creativity they already have.

Creativity in general begins to diminish us as we grow in age. When we watched the first graders, we watch their creativity almost 100% and do so with enthusiasm. Decreases in third grade and continues to decline with increasing grade level.

Our creativity does not disappear, but too often in the course of our growth process we practice and use it accordingly. Unlocking creativity, therefore, required to return to old habits that do not crush creativity.

Reducing our inhibitions is like a game, like in sports, athletes are undetected and athletes who remain etched in our minds and it is usually because they differ by their creativity. And the game, by definition, is the antithesis of work.

3: Find a chaos

“We cannot innovate without opening the door to chaos,” says management guru Tom Peters. Creative ideas do not arise froFind a chaos m nonlinear processes. By contrast, the flow of creative ideas had born of discussions “outside the box.”

This helps a lot to drop on top of each other’s ideas and more ideas within the working group. This stimulates the variety and vitality of ideas. Of course, the nature of chaos is that it lacks control, but is controllable in the environments of the organization.

It is easy to understand why this type of behavior apparently out of control, and taken as a game could be considered questionable and it is resisted in the workplace and in professional environments. So, just ask a group to provide their good ideas, however well intentioned, rarely moves beyond their inhibitions to a place where ideas can flow freely.

We must establish a process to introduce a little chaos and a bit of fun that reduces inhibitions to play, then we will be surprised that almost any group can generate plenty of remarkable ideas.

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Azad Shaikh

Azad Shaikh

Azad Shaikh is an internet geek at heart. From reviews about computer components to playing X-box one games, Azad takes pleasure in writing about anything and everything about computers. He is a computer engineering graduate and certified ethical hacker. In his leisure time, he reads and explores the internet.

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