Twitch Emote Maker – Complete Guide (2021)

Twitch is a fantastic platform that helps build a community and ensures that users constantly interact with each other. The way everyone can connect in real-time and one-on-one is quite amazing. This is why its popularity is increasing with each passing day.

Twitch Emote Maker

Twitch emotes can be classified as super-interesting because of the fun and fascination they bring with them. Every Twitch user wants to have a dedicated emote to enhance the chatting experience on the platform. And, this is where a number of questions arise. In this guide, we will talk about it in detail, helping you with the Twitch emote maker and everything there is to know about it. 

What Are Twitch Emotes?

Finding Twitch emote makersA Twitch emote is simply an emoticon that users use to communicate with fellow Twitch users. It is also a brilliant way to express and react during a livestream. The livestream host usually creates these emoticons that any viewer can use. 

Most emotes follow trends and memes but there are images and other interesting icons that make the cut regularly. Each emotes has a particular meaning and emotion attached to it and it can vary greatly from one user to the other.

To have custom subscriber emotes, you first need to be a part of the Twitch Partnership Program. The subscription offers multiple benefits and includes these emoticons. If you have not applied yet, make sure you go through the guidelines to ease the process. The platform considers content, viewership, and frequency of streams among other things to decide who makes the cut. 

Partners can go ahead and check how many emote slots they have. The more your points, the more slots you will have. So, start working on building your subscriber points to unlock them.

Once you have enough slots, you can jump right into finding the best Twitch emote maker or try making it yourself.

What Are The Requirements?

Every Twitch emote maker must be aware of the following guidelines to ensure that they make the best emote. 

  • The right sizes are 28 x 28 pixels for the web and 112 x 112 for large platforms. There are guidelines for retina display as well – 56 x 56 pixels.
  • The aspect ratio has to be 1:1.
  • The size of the file cannot exceed 25 kb.
  • It must have a transparent background.
  • It should be a PNG image.
  • The file should not have any copyrights, logos, or names.

Twitch mandates that all 3 sizes be submitted for approval together.

The approval process is usually faster for highly rated and active accounts. If your account is still new or doesn’t have a great reputation yet, it may take longer.

If you need subscriber badges, here’s what you should know –

  • The sizes accepted are 18 x 18, 72 x 72, and 36 x 36.

Twitch Emote Ideas

Twitch emote ideas

This is the most interesting part! Twitch emote makers can get really creative and innovative with the ideas. If you are making them yourself and want some inspiration, check out the examples available online. They are usually animated figures or human expressions or both. A few users also just pick stock images to simplify the process. 

Pro tip – you can use your own face (zoomed screenshot) to add some fun and entertainment.

How to Make a Twitch Emote?

This will be super easy for designers because you need Photoshop for it. If you are confident enough for it, check out YouTube – there are numerous Photoshop tutorials that you can follow and make your own emoticon.

If you aren’t really confident about it and would like an expert Twitch emote maker to come in, you should keep reading. 

Finding Twitch Emote Makers

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There are platforms that you can go to and find designers who will help you. The three most commonly treaded paths are:


Fiverr will give you access to multiple designers who will give you your emotes at affordable rates. Your job is to tell the designer what you need and he/she will deliver. Make sure you be precise in your brief so that there’s no confusion. This approach shouldn’t cost you more than $10-15.

Fiverr GeeksCommissions 

You can find Twitch emote makers on Twitch itself! There are many artists who livestream and would be happy to commission your emoticons. Check the art channels and contact artists that you like. They will send you a quote based on your requirement.


There are many subreddits that have Twitch artists. Find them and contact the artists. This shouldn’t take a lot of time.

Getting Twitch Emotes for Free

Getting Twitch emotes for free

In case you are unable to afford a few dollars, you can get the icons for free. There are multiple resources that will help you with this. But since they are free, you may not enjoy the flexibility that a designer brings. 

The Need for Designers – Why Should You Pay for Great Emotes?

Even though it is not too difficult to make your own emote or use free apps to do so, a designer will spruce things up and really make you shine. A well-designed emoticon will obviously have the edge over the others. So why not go for it?

Like we mentioned above, it is not going to cost you more than $15. A good designer will take your idea and transform it into something exceptional. If you are particular about how you want it, you can provide a rough sketch as well. The magic he/she will do on it will be beyond words!

Choosing the Right Designer

Choosing the right designer

Just like everything else, there are good designers and bad designers. You will come across designers who will want to do it for $5 and those who will charge $99. Your job is to look beyond this price tag into the work. Get a balance between experience and price, and you will have the perfect fit.

Whether you are hiring on Twitch, Reddit, or Fiverr, it is crucial to check past work and assess it. Experience goes a long way in making things easy. Alongside, we advise that you look at response time and delivery timelines. 3-5 days is an acceptable timeline. 

Despite going through all the steps and choosing a designer, if you have had a bad experience, there’s no need to panic. It happens with the best of us. Fiverr minimizes such risks by allowing changes so that you are not duped. Outside a reputed platform, there’s always the risk of designers disappearing after getting paid or refusing to make alterations. These things can get nasty. If you stick to Fiverr and similar platforms, it will eliminate this hassle. Good designers accept 2-3 rounds of edits and close the deal seamlessly.

BONUS – Adding the Emote to Your APP

Once you get the final assets, you can add the emote to your Twitch app by following these steps:

  1. Download the file
  2. Open Twitch and go to the Dashboard
  3. Head over to the Affiliate/Partner Settings tab
  4. Choose Emotes
  5. Upload your emotes – the sizes will be specified here
  6. Save Changes

 If you are lucky, you will get an approval in a week. Be patient, though, because sometimes it can take a month.


Relying on a Twitch emote maker will really help with engagement and conversations. If you are seriously involved in Twitch, it shouldn’t hurt you to invest up to $35 for decent emoticons. All you have to do is to find the right designer and communicate your needs clearly. All the best!

If you have any more doubts, you know what to do – speak to us! Kindly comment and we will get back to you ASAP.

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Azad Shaikh

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