How to Change Twitch Name Color | Step-by-step Process


The Twitch community is growing day by day thanks to the number of gamers and content creators wishing to stream their gaming experience. If you have ever used this streaming platform you might be familiar with the various unique features it provides to its users.

One such distinct feature provided by it is the tint of one’s name. However, if you are new to the community, you might be aware of it but not pretty sure how to change the twitch name color. We are here to help you with this simple process that would let you change your name’s shade on this video live streaming platform and you can also have a fun tone just like your other friends.

Let us now move on to how to change the name color on twitch. This can be done by two methods which we have briefly explained in our article. The first method includes changing the twitch chat color whereas the second method will change the tint through settings.

How to Change Twitch Name Color

Method 1: In Chat

Step 1: Open Twitch on your mobile or desktop. Go into any chat screen of your choice.

Step 2: Type “/color” in the message area at the bottom of the screen and hit ENTER. This will show you the text pop up which has plenty of shades for you to use for your name. 

All of these hues can be used by regular members as well as turbo viewers.

Step 3: Select the shade you want to choose for your name and type it in the message box at the bottom of the screen. For example, if you choose the yellow shade for your name the text in the message box should appear as “/color yellow”

Turbo users can also type in the hex number for the tint they want to choose. It can be seen as “/color #000000” for a turbo user who wants to select the black tone for his username.

Step 4: After entering the tone’s name in the message box press ENTER. Wait for a couple of seconds for your name’s tone to change. 

You will be able to see the “Your color has been changed” message on the chat screen. You can also verify the hue change by sending a message.

Method 2: In Settings

Step 1: Open Twitch on your phone and open the Chat screen.

Step2: Click on the Settings icon at the bottom left corner of your screen. This will open the Settings Menu for your chat.

Step 3: You will be able to see the tone options under the CHAT OPTIONS section. You can also expand your selection by clicking on “more colors”.

Step 4: Select the shade you want for your name and wait for a few seconds for it to update. Check your name’s shade by typing a message in the chat. 

Voila! You have now successfully changed the color of your name on Twitch.


Having a unique name color is important while streaming as the broadcaster or streamer would be able to identify you among others in the chat. So make sure you have a distinct tint and if not hurry up and change the tone of your name. With the simple methods given above, it surely would be a child’s play.

Azad Shaikh

Azad Shaikh

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