Most Expensive Restaurant in The World

The world’s most expensive restaurants range from the classic opulence of haute cuisine to shiny wonderful creations of molecular gastronomy. They provide the food from historic to new and everything in between them. From Japan to Maldives, and Spain to the US, you will find some of the top quality and expensive restaurant in the world. If you are looking for the most expensive restaurant to visit, then this list of the “Most Expensive Restaurant in The World” will help you for sure. We have added the top 5 from the world.

1) SubliMotion, Ibiza, Spain

Chef Paco Roncero – the winner of the two Michelin stars, has opened this Hard Rock Hotel named as Sublimotion in Ibiza, Spain in 2014. It follows multi-sensory concept in a room with a communal table for 12 persons and 360-degree projection capacity. For three hours of dinner theater including a tip, an edible entry ticket, alcohol, and a few goodies, it costs $1900 per person. You can pluck fresh salad from your own vegetable garden! The meal they offer is the immersion of all the senses of blend art, technology, and gastronomy. The world’s most expensive restaurant opens only during the summer time of “Ibiza season”, so it is advisable to book your table in advance. Be ready to have a whole new experience of a meal!

Cost Per Person :$1900

2) Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

In 2014, the New York Daily News has rated this restaurant as “the most beautiful restaurant in the world”, which shows it’s prestige and popularity across the world. The Ithaa is built under 5 meters of the Indian ocean’s surface and surrounded by the 180-degree coral gardens. It is the world’s one and only all-glass restaurant under the sea. The restaurant consists 14 seats and costs $500 per person for the meal with a complimentary glass of a Champagne. Experience your will with surrounded sea creatures like sharks, dolphins, stingrays, neon-colored fish, etc.

Cost Per Person :$500

3) Restaurant Le Meurice, Paris, France

The award-winning chef and restaurateur – Alain Ducasse has started this luxurious, inspiring restaurant named as Restaurant Le Meurice in Paris. The dining room, which is Versailles-inspired and decorated with crystal chandeliers, marble, and rich bronze and antique murals and mirrors. The restaurant which opens during Monday to Friday only gives a pure royal experience with your meal. You can taste three restaurant specialties with a selection of desserts and cheeses at the cost of $525 excluding the drinks (which costs several hundred dollars more) per person.

Cost Per Person: $700

4) Masa, New York City, USA

You will find this restaurant next to the Thomas Keller’s Per Se inside the Time Warner Center in New York city. You can take your meal by sitting inside the intentionally simplified dining room or have a drink at the hinoki-wood sushi bar. You will get the sushi menu of the three-Michelin-starred Chef – Masayoshi Takayama at the cost of only $450 per person excluding the tip, sake, tax, cocktails, wine, or any extras. You will get the fresh dishes from the kitchen directly in an incredible calm atmosphere.

Cost Per Person: $800

5) Aragawa, Tokyo, Japan

In 2006, Forbes has rated the Aragawa as the “world’s most expensive restaurant”. From the start to till date, it has been among the world’s top 5 expensive restaurants. It is located in the Shinbashi business area of Tokyo, Japan. The restaurant sits only 22 people and is famous for providing the best Kobe beef in the world. The Sanda beef’s variety is the specialty of the restaurant along with a weekly single whole smoked salmon. The prix fixe menu costs around $341 per person excluding beverages. If you can spare the change, then this is the special dining experience you must get.

Cost per Person: $400

If you can get a table, then these amazing restaurants will give a unique and wonderful dining experience that you will remember forever. The costs per person for testing menus are the rough estimations, which sometimes fluctuate due to seasons. If you are a world traveller, then you should visit these stunning, excellent, innovative, and exceptional restaurants to add a lavish flavour to your meal. Hope you enjoyed the list of the “Most Expensive Restaurant in The World”  and will wait no more to visit a few or all of them! Happy Eating!!!

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Azad Shaikh

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